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  • Noble Academy New Building Groundbreaking

    Noble Academy New Building Opens in 2015

    Source: 3HMONGTV
  • Teen fatally injured while 'car surfing'

    Teen fatally injured while 'car surfing'

    Source: KARE11.COM
  • KEEB KWM: Stories of Our Life by May Lee-Yang

    Play by Hmong Elders

    Source: 3HMONGTV
  • A conversation with Mai Xiong

    Kabyeej Vaj sits down with Mai Xiong to talk about her latest movie

    Coming Soon!
  • Minnesota's oldest murder defendant, 84, dies days before sentencing

    Paj Ntxheb Vaj, 84 xyoos, tag sim neej ua ntej tso los txiav txim

  • Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: A Hmong-American leader describes the changing role of women

    Sia Her is a human bridge between the past and future of Hmong culture

  • CHAT Fresh Tradtions Fashion Show 8- Coming Soon!

    CHAT Fresh Traditions Fashion Show 8 - Stay tuned.

  • Wilder Foundation's MayKao Hang Featured Bartling Lecture Speaker

    MayKao Hang will speak at the 4th Annual Bartling Lecture